Club Name Club Description Meetings Times Room # President’s Name President’s Email
Academic Bridge Creators To provide academic support to students and teachers in the form of classroom supplies, summer classes, etc. Mondays during lunch E106 Sami (Samantha) Chang
Academic League To provide academic support to students and teachers in the form of classroom supplies, summer classes, etc. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday Afterschool L116 Jane Huang
ACE Mentoring Tuesdays bimonthly after school A107 Bailey Deck
American Cancer (Youth) Society To raise money and awareness for all the different forms of cancer, to promote and sense of unity for a greater cause 1st and 3rd Monday of every month at lunch J118 Alejandra Ramirez
Anime Club Anime Club does many fun activities to include everyone including anime showcases, from members’ discussions about specific topics, watching anime, playing games and meeting new people. Fridays at Lunch L116 Claire Aquino
Art Appreciation Tuesday’s at lunch P107 Nicole Glick
Auto Club We talk about cars. Every other Thursday during lunch K104 Jared Leahy
BBC Our goal is to spread multicultural awareness through TV and other media sources, as well as provide an environment to relax multiple times in the year. tuesday and friday lunches K103 Sonali Carlton
Best Buddies Part of the Global Mission to establish a movement that creates opportunities for 1:1 friendships, integrated employment, and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, we do this by matching student volunteers in mutually enriching friendships. Every other Monday @ Lunch J110 Taylor Moore
Body Positivity Club our goal is to spread multicultural awareness through TV and other media sources as well as provide an environment to relax Mondays during lunch L104 Sarah Zhou
Del Norte Breakdance Club Centered around the fundamentals and techniques required to breakdance. Our goal is to work hard and improve breakdancing skills while having fun. All levels are accepted as long as they have commitment Moday. Wednesday, Thursday @ Tutorial Dance Room Michael Ong
Building Bridges To volunteer time and assist elderly and other bedridden people. Wednesday during lunch J103 Connor Kim
California Scholarship Federation In CSF, members get good grades, and submit applications featuring their good grades. At the end of the year, members receive awards for their academic mastery. Tuesdays D113 Quhyung Park
Careers of the Future Monday, every other week G102 Romeo Ignacio
Choose to Flock To create a club so that all Mormons and friends of Mormons can know each other, and provide a safe community for those who share similar values. To promote school spirit amongst the Mormons once a month G113 Sully Isaac
 Computer Science Club  We focus on programming in a variety of languages (Java, Swift, …), mobile app development, and algorithmic theory. We’re open to both beginners and experts. We meet Thursdays after tutorial in Mr. Lantsberger’s Room (A101). You can check us out online at or drop a line to  Thursdays after school  A101  Gokul Swamy
Clash Club To discuss and share ideas relating to the game Clash of Clans Every other Lunch K105 Zongy Li
Comic Book Club We do anything comic-related. Wednesdays from 3:00 to 4:00 j114 Justin Friedman
Crafts for a Cause To make crafts and donate them for different causes such as: hospitals, libraries, teachers, etc. To show appreciation for our environment Wednesdays during lunch K106 Minjuneoon Choi
CyberPatriot Dedicating to learning how to protect our country and promote awareness. We compete in the Air  Force Association Cyber Patriot Competition and the San Diego Mayor’s Cup. Tuesday 8-9 Library Samantha Tran
C4L E105 Jessica Camerino
Deliver the Dough We make and deliver fresh baked goods to worthy people and worthy causes. ie firemen, police stations, senior centers, etc. Tuesdays @ Lunch D112 Kelsey White
Del Norte Cru/FCA Community outreach for all athletes and students at Del Norte Tuesdays @ Lunch D101 Gaby, Blake K, Carli, Danielle
Del Norte Cubing To practice and teach new members who are willing to learn how to solve a Rubik’s Cube Most Wednesday Tutorials K102 Riki Osawa
Ecofuture Del Norte’s environmental club devoted to promoting awareness and taking steps towards a greener future. Wednesday during lunch E101 Samantha Tran & Tricia Pham &
Education in Action The local tutoring club at the 4S Ranch library that serves to help all elementary and middle school students in all school subjects. Every Thursday at lunch D117 Ahana Chakraborty
Equality Club Promote equality and aceptance of ll genders and sexualities and educate about them. Wednesdays @ Lunch E106 Jasmine Cornillon & Kristy Graham
Fight Against Hunger Throughout the year, our main focus will be non-profit fundraising and raising money for an FFCC coordinated food packaging event that will take place here at Del Norte. 1-2 times a month L104 Kimia Parsa
Film Club To make short films and compete in film festivals Mondays during lunch and Wednesdays from 3:30-5:30 L118 OR A151 Surabhi Kulkarni
Del Norte Fishing Club To educate students on the skills of fishing and if possible organizing tournaments Fridays during lunch D112 Mason Gilbert
Flox News Once a month-tbd E106 Brad Graham
Friendship Bracelet Club To bring together all students on campus while participating in a fun craft/activity. Thhis club will give people a chance to make friends with many new people Every Tuesday at lunch Alejandra Ramirez
Future Doctors of America A club for anyone who is curious or serious about pursuing medicine Thursdays at Lunch K101 Armaun Rouhi
Gay Straight Alliance Safe place to be for all students where students are able to protect the rights of all genders and sexualities. Thursdays at lunch E106 Madison Harden
Gender Equality & Studies Coalition To educate ourselves and others on contemporary issues involving gender equality both on campus and off. First Tuesday of every month during lunch G116 Tatum Dorrell & Jessica Wei
Geocaching A real world treasure hunt where our club comes together and talk about our common interest in it. 2nd Tuesday of every month E103 Sam Hagen
Give a Little Give a Lot Wednesdays at lunch L102 Joanna Liu
Going Green Club Raising awareness of importance of eating quality food and how to grow it. Thursdays @ Lunch D104 Madeleine Everhart
Guitar Club To teach guitar and play guitar. Find Find concert/ playing opportunities and  perform. Wednesday & Thursday at tutorial E102 Jeongh Kim
Hands for Honduras A fundraising club where proceeds and goods will be donated to the children’s hospital, Mario Rivas hospital in San Pedro Sula Honduras. Bimonthly meetings and fundraisers including an annual benefit concert Every other Monday at Lunch L116 Aimee Han, Catherine Xi
H.E.A.R.T Every other Wednesday D112 Emilee Balvaneda R-Armijo
Del Norte Hockey Club Represent those interested in hockey. (roller, ice & spectators) 3rd Monday of the month A144 Ben Jessie
Del Norte Improv We r funny. Saturday morning @ 10am Park Behind U.S. Bank Cooper Li
Interact Interact is an international club a part of the Rotary Foundation. There are over 34,000 Interact clubs and 1.2 million members in over 200 countries. We do huge service projects, cultural exchange and rotary has even raised over 1.2 billion dollars & immunized over 2 billion children worldwide. Wednesdays at lunch G-118 Ishwinder Battoo
Key Club Volunteer community service club Every Tuesday during lunch L115 Jessica Ho
K.I.D.S. KIDS is Del Norte’s hip-hop dance club. We will be practicing multiple choreograph pieces, and once comfortable, performing at pep rallies Fridays L113 Rana Aghazadeh
Lots of Knots Lots of Knots aims to cultivate the hobby of crocheting and contribute to the community by donating crocheting blankets Every other Wednesday at Tutorial E105 Ellen Shea
Love 146 Our purpose is to end child trafficking, raise awareness and fundraise for the cause. Every other Tuesday @ Lunch L116 Eri Sekiguchi
Mainly A Capella To lighten the spirit and mood of those who are long term patients in hospitals/hospices/etc. and to perform for community events Every other Wednesday @ Lunch L104 Indira Lofflin
Math Club We foster academically talented students’ interests in mathematics by giving them the opportunity to compete in national mathematics competitions and learn in a competitive atmosphere. Tuesday mornings G104 Joe Sun
Mentors 2 Motivate A club dedicated to helping improve in all aspects as well as guide them to becoming strong students both in and out of school. Twice a week we go over to Design 39 and meet one on one with the students. Thursday D113 or Design 39 Daniel Zin danielz@me.comn
Mentors Without Borders Ashvin
Mitzvah Club Our purpose is to spread the word of Jewish holidays and events. We also constantly volunteer at food centers and help the elderly/poor. Every Wednesday at Lunch Shir Erlichman
Del Norte Mobile Tech To spread the news about mobile technologies, report news and review items on videos, will post things online via technology youtube channel, google plus page, etc. Every other Wednesday E104 Evan Lam
Del Norte Mock Trial Students will recieve a case that they study and analyze throughout the year, and for which they eventually conduct a trial in a real courtroom. Aided by attorney coaches, students may try out for lawyers or witnesses and compose examinations in a similar format to the proceedings of a real court. Wednesdays 6-7pm, Tuesday 9/15 Home/ Room402 kseniya belysheva, &
Model United Nations We attend competitive, yet cooperative conferences where we debate and discuss important world issues with other high schoolers around San Diego. Every other Friday L114 Abhi Nathan
Monarch Club  Monarch Club is a club which works to fund raise money and supplies for the Monarch School of San Diego. The Monarch School is a local K-12 school designed to educate the homeless youth of San Diego. The members of the Monarch Club volunteer their time to help the fundraisers that the club puts on and have helped give school supplies to children in need. Tuesdays once a month L116 Maddie Mikschl and Newsha Nejatfard &
Multicultural Club To bring more cultural awareness on campus and learn about more places around the world
Muslim Student Association Unite the Muslim community and provide more volunteer opportunities to members. Wednesdays at lunch G112 Hannah Elarabawy
National Arts Honors Society To inspire and recognize students who haveshown an outstanding ability and interest in artand to generate interest in art programs at the secondary level and beyond. Fridays at lunch A108 Ishwinder Battoo
National Honor Society Thursdays-  Weekly L116 and L115 Tasnim Tallman
Nighthawk Nation Tuesdays G111 Karli Renken
Nurture for Nature To educate and help people with conserving the environment and all the animals in it. Lots of volunteer work with animals Tuesdays during lunch G117 Yasi Asgari
Operation America Cares To connect Del norte Students to OAC, the organization packs boxes with care packages to send to deployed troops Tuesdays at Lunch K101 Ryan Santoro
Peer Leaders Uniting Students (PLUS) Fridays Dance Room/ Gym Sahba Mobini& Noah Brown
Del Norte Peer Tutoring Monthly on Fridays Gym/dance room Armaun Rouhi & Gleb Shevchuk
Photo Club Tuesdays during lunch A102 Haley Underwood
Philosophy Club Wednesday lunch L116 Quhyung Park
Radical Readers
Our club is a group of students who love reading. We will read novels together and discuss other books that we have recently read and recommend books to the library. You just have to love reading to join and we hope to see you on Wednesdays in the library during lunch.
Wednesday Lunch Library Delaney Babcock
Del Norte Refugee Tutoring Tuesday Lunch J-114 Quree Jung
Resounding Joy Every other Mondays during lunch J117 Thomas Kim
Rise Up  Rise Up motivates both girls and boys to reach out to adolescent girls in developing countries by raising funds necessary for them to receive the proper education needed to succeed, adequate food supply, and create safe communities for them to live in. Rise Up is an innovative campaign of the United Nations Foundation, which ensures to help girls in the world’s hardest to reach places achieve their dreams while raising awareness to today’s global issues. Wednesdays at lunch A148 Tiffany Zeng
Robotics Monday’s at lunch, Tuesdays after school A107 Samantha Tran
S.A.G.E. (Student Advocates for Gender Equality) Every other Monday at lunch L114 Kathleen Kelly
San Diego Rescue Mission To work with and provide for the Downtown based in poverish rehabilitation and preschool center called the San Diego Rescue Mission Twice a month/Tuesday and/or Friday lunch E106 Kush Das & Nicole Glick
SAT Simplified Wednesdays during tutorial Library Benny Lee
Sci Tech Fridays during Lunch B106 Anmol jarang
Science Olympiad After school (irregular) E106 Joe Sun
Share The Love Charity Cooking Club We strive to help the needy throughout our community through food and cooking; to learn cooking skills, feed the needy, hold fundraisers related to food, and donate to charity. Every other Thursday L104 Vivian Hoang
SK8 Club To expand the skateboarding community and to teach everyone something new Wednesday during lunch D103 Matthew Bourque
Del Norte Smiles for Senior Citizens To visit, talk to, and comfort elderly in convalescent homes Fridays at Lunch K105 Ethan Tsui
Speech and Debate Tuesday/Thursday 7:30 am, 3:00 pm G103 or Library Abhi Nathan
Surf Club To organize a group of high schoolers that enjoy surfing and want to learn more about surf culture Tuesday mornings, Thursday at lunch L101 Andy Gosch
Susan G. Komen Del Norte Tuesdays (Announced) G131 James Wakabayashi
TARC Rocketry  At TARC, we build and launch model rockets as part of the Team America Rocketry Challenge. We hope to qualify for the national competition in DC and have a shot at the $20,000 dollar award, as well as meet some famous science individuals. Sunday Albert’s House Albert Lee
Tech Club Wednesdays at Lunch and Tutorial A101/Library Ashwath Raj
Teen Drivers Club Tuesdays at lunch D118 Nikhila Yerabandi
The Del Norte Auto Club One Thursday A Month K104 Jared Leahy
The Global Nighthawk Monday Lunches L117 Daniel Shevchuk
Together We Stand To make sure no student feels alone at Del Norte and raise awareness and funds for mental health causes 3-3:30 every other Thursday L101 Nikki Moallemi
Tri-M Music Honor Society Every other Thursday M101 Choir Room Sonali carlton
TriplE varies, mostly  thursdays L117 Sahba Mobini, Hannah Elarabawy &
UNICEF Every other Wednesday during Lunch J110 Gurleen Gill
WHAT Every other Monday G117 Grant Hylton
Women in Science and Engineering  We work to inspire the students at Del Norte to explore and pursue careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). We invite speakers, hold activities, and host events. Last year, we organized Empower, Del Norte’s first STEM symposium, where we invited local STEM professionals to come and speak about their careers and share their experiences. Thursday 2x a month (Random)at Lunch L101 Sona Trika, Samantha Vu,
Women Leadership Club Every other Wednesday(Tutorial) ASB Room or K101 Soumya Kuruvila
Youth Care Club Thursdays during Lunch D116 Sharon Lai
Youth San Diego Every Thursday at lunch L113 Julianna Applestein
3D Printing Club Promote awareness and interest in building and using 3D ptinters Tuesdays @ Lunch K106 Hannah Elarabawy & Ali Mousa &

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